• It weighs almost 5 ounces. For example  a deck of cards
  • It has a micro USB connector with WiFi
  • It has a virtual QWERTY keyboard     ( It is an image QWERTY on the screen)
Alesha Dixon loves the HTC phones


 Samsung Nexus S 4

  • Amazing display
  • good performance
  • great battery life


 Samsung Galaxy S

  • It is fast
  • looks good
  • great performance
Ashton Kutcher has to like the samsung’s
T-mobile mytouch 4G
  • Latest Android software
  • fast processor
  • very good front and back facing cameras.


T-mobile G2x

  • sharp design
  • lots of multimedia features
  • a good dual-core processor


Samsung Infuse 4G

  • excellent battery life
  • nice,bright,clear screen
  • 4.5 inch screen and is thin
James Corden loves the samsung 


HTC Thunderbolt

  • 4.3 inch screen
  • fast
  • excellent camera


Motorola Atrix

  • large battery
  • great camera
  • a smart HD dock turns it into a good computer


 Apple Iphone 4

  • it has a 3.5 inch screen
  • bluetooth
It can come with a 16 or 32 GB MEMORY in the phone.

Apple Iphone 4S

  • It has siri
  • it can come with a 64GB in storage
  • faster processor




water gadgets

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This is the saturator water pistol AK47. I am sure that the british army will love to have a little fun war within camp. Click here to get it.

The bomb goes FLYING!! it is so cool. It has 150 balloons!!!! PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO!!!Click here to see it.

DAVID BECKHAM!!!!! His boys would love them……

That is awesome.Click here to see it. It is very very slippery

her kids would love to have a go. So, why don’t you try it…

It is a very good gun. Click here to see it.It can shoot over 50 feet and has amazing grip

Willow and Jaden smith will have a cracking time with this.


cool sofas

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OMG!!!! This is so cool. The cloud sofa is made for ultra relaxation and comfort.Click here to see it.

Paris Hilton always likes to relax doesn’t she.


 WOWOWOWOW! that is seriously nifty. OK lets go through the list!! It can be an office, it has an LCD in each armrest that are integrated into a multimedia PC, it has a keyboard on one of them, it comes with an iphone/ipod dock, a set of hidden speakers and a 8-inch subwoofer. But the price is $15,436. Click here to see it.

Jessica Simpson, could do her work at home


This sofa can turn into a punching bag. It is so annoying when your favourite team loses or your favourite  individual loses in the final. DON’T get started on punching and kicking the wall and doors, because they will break.just lift up the red punching bag and kick your anger out. You can also do this without going to the gym. Click here to see it.

Hahaha LOL (laugh out loud) Jim Carrey is so hilarious.



Bedside lamps

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This Midi Lava Lamp creates a relaxing atmosphere. BUT it does take a few hours to heat up but that’s fine. Here are some of the comments ‘It helps him go to sleep’ also ‘It is a good value for money’. Click here to see it.

 John Terry could maybe be calm down a bit and relax .

 This isn’t just a blob of whiteness, This is the Otto Table Lamp.It has a suitable amount  of glowness and it is pretty easy to make it work. Here are some of the comments ‘I like it so much I am going to purchase another one for the other corner.’ also ‘Well designed with style and simplicity this lamp compliments any modern interior.’ Click here to see the website.

 Curtisy of Disney. Sleeping beauty could sleep and rest all night and all day day after day after day.

 This is a great contempary lamp is elegant because there is a contrast between the top and the bottom. Click here to see the website.

 Is very stylish so she could probably do with this.

 This owl lamp looks nice when it is alight but when it is not lit up it looks nice as well. Apperently it has a good quick dispatch. Click here to see it.

 Sandra Bullock!!!! This might fit in her room.


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Now that is a cool camcorder. This is the upright camcorder called HX-WA20. It can go 3 meters under water! It’s full HD and it can go in panorama mode!!!!! and it is dustproof. Click here to see it. Bear Grylls could capture sensational pictures on his great adventures.

WOW, lets celebrate LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES with this camcorder!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This  Panasonic can recognise your face so can probably make you stand out. It is easy to use if you don’t have that much experience in filming. This is what a person said ‘Fantastic all round camera’ and ‘It is compact yet packs a punch’. So this is probably a good camera. Click here to see it.

 Robert Downey Junior  has a new baby so he could watch the baby first step on the camcorder

 cool this is the Canon HS S10 HD CAMCORDER! The canon VIXIA has full HD resolution AVCHD recording at 24mbps( the highest you can get). Click here to see it.

  She could have this camcorder to film when she go scuba-diving filming the drama ‘BIG MIRACLE’.

 The Powertrekk Portable Charger will recharge your Iphone when your on the go. What happens if your lost and your in the middle of nowhere what happens then when your phone is dead!!!

The station makes hydrogen which weighs nothing so that’s a bonus especially when your high up above the clouds and your getting tired and that extra loss weight  may save your life to electricity with some awesome technology . Click here to see the wesite

 Maybe she will need the charger NEXT time she climbs a big mountain with her sunglasses, lip gloss and defonately the phone.

Hahahahaha what a laugh, this ear phone case makes you have a gigantic ear and everyone will start looking at you in shock, go on you know you want it. Click here to se the website!!!

 WOW!she should proberly get those ears up above.

Yes! That’s what you want a retro 80’s iphone case. Look like a proper business man. Bring that to work and your boss will love that! Click here to see it.

 You know who is he is Mr Simon Cowell!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooo. He should get this one if he can.

The pens act as weights, you can do sparkly, smiley, rainbow and another sort of rainbow colours which you can have so much fun with and learn alot more. Your students will learn alot better because they are having more fun. You can watch clips, go on the internet, save what you have done by taking a picture and saving it. It is such a laugh. Click here to see the website!!!

 Albert Einstein maybe could of made more discoveries if he had the tech that we have now today!!!!!!!

     Click here to see it!! Dance,sing,run,shake,wave,kick,throw with no control. Speak to the Xbox and it will do what you want!!!

 USHER!! Willneed to keep fit for his big stage performances, singing and dancing takes a lot of energy out of you doesn’t it. Ushers friend Justin Beiber will like this aswell to look fine to his fans!!

 O YEAH ! The playstation move. Get into the middle of the action. In my opinion i prefer this to the kinect because my friends said after a week or so you get a bit bored of it because it’s qiute slow when your your running as fast as you can go or when you . this is what some of the bad and good things about the xbox, Definateley not for the people who take gaming very seriously , but I am impressed with the tech and look forward to the evolution of it. The very low level of dissapiontment with the controls. This is what Kinect was created to do, and so far, it feels really right.PS move Retailing for a far more generous $99.99 price tag,Sony’s 10 million unit achievement! and  Flashing back to the Kinect launch month of November, Sony announced they sold 4.1 million units of the Move in just three months time.

 she will love to sing while dancing with JLS!!