Posted: November 27, 2011 in Uncategorized know one of your family members are into cold,adreniline holidays which are mind-blowingly fun. The summit HD video camera goggles are only £249.99p. Now that is exceptional price. If your going up a ski lift and you don’t want to miss any second of the ride you can film with out any trouble. You don’t need to think about dropping it down the mountain or dropping it down a cliff which seems like its never ending. Well there you go a PERFECT present, you know you want it!!   cool, i’m into music, what about you? This extra-ordinary hat will keep you super warm on a freezing cold day and you can also blast out songs on a long exausting run. I would definately use this !!  This burg5 phone/watch is excellent because it is such a bore when you have lost your phone because your little baby has thrown it somewhere, well here’s your ideal object. Watches you never take off right? unless you have a shower or a bath, obviously! When your in the car you can talk on the phone without the cops seeing you and you can look at the watch effortlessly. This is for only £99.99. What an offer!

This items are sourced from firebox!!    go and check them out    🙂



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