More gadgets!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is the ‘iCade for iPad’ from Firebox. WOW!!!!! This is sensational, you’ll really feel like your in an important game arcade.For every game it’s always a challenge for you to conquer the gaming world. You should bye this, because it looks like it is really different from touching the screen, you can tug and press to make game arcade classics come true and really have fun with it. The comments on the website are ‘Finally, a use for the office iPad’. Also ‘ I really want one’. This implies that ,it is obviously a really great product. It is £79.99. Click here to buy it.

  1. Marina says:

    This looks fantastic – Love it – great for my kids. Thanks

    • james says:

      That’s good maxichat. A useful tip for my son. But, where can I buy it? Can you show me the link so I can just buy it easily. Hey, thanks.

      • maxichat says:

        Hello, you can click on the iCade for iPad or read the description and you’ll find CKLICK HERE and click on it and it will send you to the site, so you can by it. Thanks!!!

  2. maxichat says:

    you’r welcome Marina!!!

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