cool toys

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Wow, this is slick, silver, iPhone controlled i-Helicopter is voted the TOP GADGET from the Sunday times and it’s only £24.99. That’s an outstanding price, but this outstanding price wont last long. So get it quickly before it runs out. click here to bye it. You can tilt you’r phone for it to go back, foward, right or left. This is an exceptional toy. It navigates it’s self around by it’s self without bumping into each other. It’s defionately a great office toy if you’r bord in the office you can make a hard maze and see how fast it can go around. they come in orange, blue, silvery blacky and green. click here to bye it. is the air swimmer, remote control shark from ‘I want one of those’. It flies all around your house and you can chase you’r little sibling with the flying shark. These are some of the comments ‘ Fantastic, gonna get one of the sharks’ and ‘EPIC ‘ also I’ve been privileged to have a go of one of these bad boys and yes to one of the comments below , these are going to fly out! excuse the pun Luv it! ‘. If you really want one click here to bye it. You can get a shark or a clownfish!!!

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