Christmas gadgets!

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Do you play cards often? Well I sure do. This is called the ‘automatic card shuffler’ and you can get it from I am competitive so I want it to be fair and square!!!! click here to by it. Here are some of the comments’We play cards regularly, as a group of six for a social evening, and the card shuffler is brilliant as some of us have trouble shuffling cards nowadays’ and ‘a game that requires two sets of cards so this little gadget comes in quite handy’. It shuffles two packs of cards in a few seconds very throughly !!! It’s £8.95

The clear cased AK-47 is so this this century and it will give you the upper hand in the battlefield easily, it shoots up to 8 meters and it gives you a whole minute of massacuring your enemy, the barrel holds up to 300 mls of water!! click here to by it.

SWEEEEET!!! This is the inflatable i-music chair with BIULT IN SPEAKERS. Music lovers like me dream of this in our sleep, but now it’s in real life and and it only comes in LIME and WHITE. It’s super,extremely light so you can take it anywhere you want because you can deflate it and you can inflate it with a foot pump. Game on your favourite console and CHILLAX (chill-relax) and it connects to any source!!!! NOW IS THAT COOL OR WHAT? click here to by it.

  1. Peg says:

    Keep it coming! Great gadgets. Do you have anything for sports/training? Peg

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