girly gadgets!!!

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is the perfect present for someone who has a fast, smooth motor bike and is trying to look stylish on the road . It protects you from all the wind and dust blasting into your head because it is       designed to be a full faced helmet. There are different designs like a flashy one and a Barcelona one. Click here to buy it!

 the new 100 %  handcrafted bamboo keyboard and mouse is 100% natural and 100% super trendy, finally something you can type which doesn’t feel all plastic!!! WOO HOO. you can get it from ‘gadgetmiss’ click here to buy it.

This is the nightlight with portable balls. You can pick the colour by sliding a lever, the light shines for 30 minutes then fades. This is the best gift you can give to someone who always forgets to turn of their lights. It doesn’t heat up and it’s not electronic so you can take it in bed with you can have a good nights sleep, there also multi-coloured. Click here to buy it . This is from ‘gadgetmiss’

 This wearable facial massager combines three proven therapies to relive pain tension and stress around the eye and the temples. The massage will increase circulation around the eyes and will calm your nerves and headaches. Gadgetmiss are not really not sure if this works so if someone ends up buying it please let them know if it does good. Click here to buy it.


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