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Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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 Urggggggh, it’s so annoying when you have just come back from a really long exhausting day at work and then you realise that you need to go to the gym, BUT hey we got  this chin up bar which leaves no mark on the door. No scrapes, no dents, nothing. Some of the comments are awesome ‘Fantastic! I’ve had this for about 7 days now and can’t stop using it everyday.’ here’s another one ‘This is soooo cool’. Great reviews! click here to see or get the chin up bar.

This celebrity will probably love this CHUUUUUUUUUUCK NOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRIS! He could do pull ups all day long.

This Powerball Gyro 250 Hz will insert 40 pounds of muscle-building force into your wrist, shoulder and you arm. Just think about how much more easier it will be to do the chin ups just above Chuck Norris ………….keep thinking………more….ok. This also makes your biceps bigger aswell. Click here to see it.

 Yes, finally a product for your triceps. The dips bar can fit pretty much every single door. Don’t go to the gym there’s just no point when you got this magical piece of fitness equipment! You can take it anywhere you want because it’s portable! YAYAYAYAYYAYAYYYAYAY. Click here to see the website and more info.

 Zumba fitness is rated in the top ten from the daily mails top ten fitness gadgets. Get off that bum of yours and start dancing to the music in a 1 man party or with lots and lots of other people . Shake the booty, shake that booty!!!!! 6 work outs, 4 DVDs. 20 minute modes is a very long time for tiring dancing but after all it’s well worfit. See what i did there ‘worfit’…. worth it.


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