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Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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 These are called the eco cups from iwoot. They are 500mls, you can chose weather they can be checkered or swirled, BUT iwoot cannot make sure you get the one you wont. You can bring it  where ever you feel like it. Click here to get it!!!

 Awesome, a Cordless Universal Charger!!! This charger docking station holds up to 4 gadgets. You can put phones, ipods, PSP’s etc as it shows in the picture.

 This is the ‘face bookshelf’ from woohome. You can place books anywhere you want, from two books on the ear to 15 book on the top shelf! This looks great. Click here to see it. Here are some examples!!!!

 I hope you liked this face bookshelf.

  Apparently Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel are getting married. Maybe, they would like this as a wedding present. His wife could definitely do with this.

 The Logitech Speaker System Z313RMS 25W Ref 980-000447 can fill the room with steady sound with 25 watts. It also has headphones and a control pad which makes it easier to control the sound if it has been blasting out music which you can’t afford to going to close to the speaker and making your ear fall of. Click here to see it.

I think JAY Z and BEYONCE would love these speakers so they can have a dance and JAY Z and BEYONCE can have a little sing of!!!


 These candles can change to twelve colours. You can have twelve candles with different colours, that will look so cool. Sit back and relax! Click here to get them.

I think Selena Gomez could do with romantic candles.

 Nice candles you got there!!

 Get your underwater light show party started!! you can get a pool party started with these and when your just in a bath or maybe in a sink. They are £4.95. click here to buy them.

Lionel Messi should have these lights because he needs to relax and rest after every game since he is one the best players in the world along side Pele and Maradona also Cristiano Ronaldo who has great pace, control, shooting and goals and also vision.

 They are amazing players to watch. Cristiano Ronaldo can pull off any move on my home page when the opponents don’t expect it in a split second and he can shoot from 40 yards out if he wanted to. Messi can dribble past 6 players and chip the goal keeper. WOW!


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