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Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The pens act as weights, you can do sparkly, smiley, rainbow and another sort of rainbow colours which you can have so much fun with and learn alot more. Your students will learn alot better because they are having more fun. You can watch clips, go on the internet, save what you have done by taking a picture and saving it. It is such a laugh. Click here to see the website!!!

 Albert Einstein maybe could of made more discoveries if he had the tech that we have now today!!!!!!!

     Click here to see it!! Dance,sing,run,shake,wave,kick,throw with no control. Speak to the Xbox and it will do what you want!!!

 USHER!! Willneed to keep fit for his big stage performances, singing and dancing takes a lot of energy out of you doesn’t it. Ushers friend Justin Beiber will like this aswell to look fine to his fans!!

 O YEAH ! The playstation move. Get into the middle of the action. In my opinion i prefer this to the kinect because my friends said after a week or so you get a bit bored of it because it’s qiute slow when your your running as fast as you can go or when you . this is what some of the bad and good things about the xbox, Definateley not for the people who take gaming very seriously , but I am impressed with the tech and look forward to the evolution of it. The very low level of dissapiontment with the controls. This is what Kinect was created to do, and so far, it feels really right.PS move Retailing for a far more generous $99.99 price tag,Sony’s 10 million unit achievement! and  Flashing back to the Kinect launch month of November, Sony announced they sold 4.1 million units of the Move in just three months time.

 she will love to sing while dancing with JLS!!


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