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cool sofas

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

OMG!!!! This is so cool. The cloud sofa is made for ultra relaxation and comfort.Click here to see it.

Paris Hilton always likes to relax doesn’t she.


 WOWOWOWOW! that is seriously nifty. OK lets go through the list!! It can be an office, it has an LCD in each armrest that are integrated into a multimedia PC, it has a keyboard on one of them, it comes with an iphone/ipod dock, a set of hidden speakers and a 8-inch subwoofer. But the price is $15,436. Click here to see it.

Jessica Simpson, could do her work at home


This sofa can turn into a punching bag. It is so annoying when your favourite team loses or your favourite  individual loses in the final. DON’T get started on punching and kicking the wall and doors, because they will break.just lift up the red punching bag and kick your anger out. You can also do this without going to the gym. Click here to see it.

Hahaha LOL (laugh out loud) Jim Carrey is so hilarious.