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 The Powertrekk Portable Charger will recharge your Iphone when your on the go. What happens if your lost and your in the middle of nowhere what happens then when your phone is dead!!!

The station makes hydrogen which weighs nothing so that’s a bonus especially when your high up above the clouds and your getting tired and that extra loss weight  may save your life to electricity with some awesome technology . Click here to see the wesite

 Maybe she will need the charger NEXT time she climbs a big mountain with her sunglasses, lip gloss and defonately the phone.

Hahahahaha what a laugh, this ear phone case makes you have a gigantic ear and everyone will start looking at you in shock, go on you know you want it. Click here to se the website!!!

 WOW!she should proberly get those ears up above.

Yes! That’s what you want a retro 80’s iphone case. Look like a proper business man. Bring that to work and your boss will love that! Click here to see it.

 You know who is he is Mr Simon Cowell!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooo. He should get this one if he can.